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GMC, which stands for General Motors Truck Company, became a part of the GM family in 1909, when it was known as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. During those early years, the GMC badge was affixed to a broad swath of vehicles, from local delivery trucks to ambulances in WWI and big rigs designed for long-distance travel. During the 1930s GMC created what just might've been the world's first SUV, the GMC Suburban Carryall, which is the ancestor to today's GMC Yukon XL. After the GMC Suburban was launched America found itself involved in WWII, and GMC supported the effort by supplying rugged vehicles for use on the battlefield. These trucks were nicknamed Jimmy, and one particular amphibious version known as the Duck still serves by shuttling passengers along streets and waterways for the Boston Duck Tours company.

In 1970, GMC developed a new model that was much like a short bed pickup with an attached cover. It was the GMC Jimmy, a model that laid the groundwork for what we currently know as the GMC Yukon. Not long after, buyers were offered the GMC Sprint (later the GMC Caballero), better known as the GMC version of the Chevrolet El Camino, and in 1982, the GMC S-15 arrived to take on the Toyota Pickup, among others. The underpinnings of that little truck were the basis for the smaller S-15 version of the GMC Jimmy. That model's closest living relative is the GMC Envoy.

GMC Grilles ushered in the 1990s with the fast and fun GMC Syclone pickup and GMC Typhoon SUV; the decade also marked the transition from simple names like C/K and S-15 to GMC Sierra and GMC Sonoma, respectively. Also during this time, the GMC Jimmy was officially renamed the GMC Yukon and the GMC Savana name replaced Rally and Vandura. Like its competitors, GMC will be forced to focus on pairing increased capability with greater efficiency in its upcoming models. The GMC Sierra hybrid and GMC Yukon hybrid were a start, the GMC Denali XT hybrid concept truck demonstrated additional possibilities, and a light-duty diesel engine remains in the long-term plan.

The rugged capabilities offered by every GMC truck are essential, but today's models are often required to deliver toughness in a more user-friendly package. That's where the lineup of GMC Denali vehicles comes in, providing upgraded styling and luxury with the GMC Sierra Denali, the GMC Yukon Denali, the GMC Yukon XL Denali, and the GMC Envoy Denali. If, however, capability and optimized fuel economy are on the wish list, the 22-mpg GMC Yukon Hybrid is available.

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