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Honda started selling cars here in 1965, but the Civic didn't hit our shores until 1973. The Honda Accord made its U.S. debut in 1976. Both cars were initially offered as simple two-door hatchbacks, and represented Honda Grilles on their own until the sporty Honda Prelude coupe rolled onto dealers' lots in 1979. Through the years, Honda made its cars larger and more substantial, and started flexing its sporting muscles when it launched the Honda Prelude Si and Honda Civic Si in the mid 80s. Those models were followed by the Honda CRX in base and Si guises, a car that continues to win favor 20 years later as a lightweight platform to which amateur tuners and weekend racers can make countless modifications.

Though the Civic, Accord and Prelude continued to advance, the Honda lineup didn't change significantly until the mid 1990s, when the first-generation Honda Odyssey minivan arrived. As part of a deal struck with Isuzu, the Honda-built Odyssey was also sold as an Isuzu model, and in exchange a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo was sold as the Honda Passport. The Passport was technically the first Honda SUV, followed by the Honda CR-V in 1997 and the larger Honda Pilot and funky Honda Element in 2003. Meanwhile, the Honda Odyssey was thoroughly revamped for 1999 to resemble the V6-powered model we see today, and the brand's first roadster, the Honda S2000, was unleashed with its eager four-cylinder engine. It was also during this broad timeframe when the new Honda Insight hybrid was deemed the most fuel-efficient car in America, and the hydrogen-powered FCX (to become the Honda FCX Clarity) was demonstrating its capabilities. Finally, the brand's first pickup truck, the Honda Ridgeline, hit the dusty trails in 2006 and the small wagon-like Honda Fit provided an even less expensive alternative to the Honda Civic in 2007.

Looking into Honda's crystal ball, the future suggests the company will only strengthen its focus on efficiency and alternative fuels. One of the brand's advanced models, the hydrogen-powered Honda FCX Clarity, has been made available to a total of only 200 customers and serves as a test bed for zero emissions technology.

The FCX is complemented by the reintroduced Honda Insight hybrid. Unlike the odd two-passenger original, the second-generation Honda Insight appears as a more mainstream, five-passenger vehicle that closely resembles the Toyota Prius. Honda also plans to offer a redesigned version of the Honda Civic hybrid and two new gas/electric models including a Honda Fit hybrid and a sporty hybrid based on the CR-Z concept car.

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