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infiniti grilleInfiniti Custom Grille
Nissan introduced American consumers to the new Infiniti brand in 1989, starting with the full-size Infiniti Q45 sedan and the Infiniti M30 coupe and convertible. Not long after the company's launch, an entry-level sedan badged as the Infiniti G20 hit the streets, offering a smaller, more efficient and more affordable alternative to the brand's larger and costlier vehicles. In an effort to meet growing demand for well-appointed SUVs, minor surgery was performed on the Nissan Pathfinder with the result being the Infiniti QX4. Nissan's stables were also tapped to harvest bits and pieces for the Infiniti I30 (later called the Infiniti I35), a sedan based on the popular Nissan Maxima.

Infiniti is Nissan's upscale brother, offering a line of vehicles characterized by equal parts style and luxury, with a heavy dose of performance mixed in for good measure. The lineup is less robust that that of competitors such as Audi and Lexus, but the models that are available promise to impress. The Infiniti G37 replaced the Infiniti G35 as the brand's entry-level model; variants include the Infiniti G37 sedan, Infiniti G37 coupe, and Infiniti G37 convertible. Move one step up the price ladder and you'll find the Infiniti M, a sedan that's available as the V6-powered Infiniti M35 and the V8-powered Infiniti M45. The full-size Infiniti Q45 sedan was canceled in 2006.

Today, those nameplates are largely considered part of Infiniti's past. They paved the way for more popular vehicles like the Infiniti G35 (and, subsequently, the Infiniti G37), the bold Infiniti FX and Infiniti EX crossovers, the Infiniti M, and to a lesser degree, the Nissan Armada-based Infiniti QX56.

Like its many competitors, Infiniti Grilles also build a line of SUVs and crossovers. The small Infiniti EX35 offers another Japanese alternative to Germany's BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, whereas the heavy-hitting Infiniti QX56 takes on rigs like the Cadillac Escalade. In between resides the Infiniti FX35, or for drivers who crave a V8 rumble, the Infiniti FX50. As Infiniti continues to develop and progress, look for designers to reach farther in an effort to develop styling accented with a good dose of attitude. Engineers will complement striking visual dynamics with more of the performance heritage upon which Infiniti has built its reputation. The Infiniti Essence, a 592-horsepower hybrid concept sports car, showcases what could be in store.

Infiniti Custom Billet Grilles Gallery

Infiniti FX35/FX45 Custom Mesh GrilleInfiniti FX35/FX45 Custom Mesh Grille
Infiniti FX35/FX50 Custom Mesh GrilleInfiniti FX35/FX50 Custom Mesh Grille
Infiniti G35/G37 Custom Mesh GrilleInfiniti G35/G37 Custom Mesh Grille
Infiniti G37 Coupe Custom Mesh GrilleInfiniti G37 Coupe Custom Mesh Grille
Infiniti M35/M45 Custom Mesh GrilleInfiniti M35/M45 Custom Mesh Grille
Infiniti M35/M45 Custom Mesh GrilleInfiniti M35/M45 Custom Mesh Grille