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Within the GM family, Chevrolet covers mass-appeal affordability, Cadillac addresses domestic luxury, GMC takes care of professional-grade trucks, Buick is increasingly recognized for premium style, and Pontiac primarily serves to fill the performance niche. Pontiac's first model rolled off the assembly line in 1926, and by 1936 the company had built one million cars. Sales increased through the '30s and '40s with the availability of six- and eight-cylinder engines and vehicles including the Torpedo Deluxe 8 Convertible Coupe and Chieftain Super Deluxe Catalina Coupe. Those cars were followed by the introduction of the Pontiac Bonneville in 1957, and then in 1959, the Wide Track concept gained traction for the first time.

As popular as the marque had become in its early years, it wasn't until the 1960s that Pontiac's special identity started to solidify. These were the days of historic debuts, including the Pontiac Grand Prix, the Pontiac GTO, and in 1967, the Pontiac Firebird. The rather large Pontiac Grand Am hit the scene in the 1970s, just as American car shoppers were dealing with an oil crisis and gasoline shortage. However, that didn't prevent Burt Reynolds, a.k.a. Smokey the Bandit, from tearing up Texarkana in a black Pontiac Trans Am.

As the 1980s took hold, the face of Pontiac Grilles changed. Gone was the lineup of large rear-wheel-drive models, replaced by vehicles such as a front-wheel-drive Bonneville and the two-passenger Pontiac Fiero. That little rear-driver was ultimately offered in coupe and hatchback configurations powered by four- and six-cylinder engines. By 1990, Pontiac has expanded its offerings to include the futuristic Trans Sport minivan (later replaced by the Pontiac Montana), and the four-cylinder Pontiac Sunfire, which took the slot previously occupied by the Pontiac Sunbird.

Today, the Pontiac G5 serves as the brand's entry-level coupe, yet the G3 has assumed the role of "Least Expensive Pontiac." The Bonneville, Grand Am and Grand Prix coupes and sedans have traveled to the great scrap yard in the sky, making room for the Pontiac G6 - available as the Pontiac G6 coupe, Pontiac G6 sedan and Pontiac G6 convertible - and Holden-sourced Pontiac G8. Looking forward, there's a lot of uncertainty related to Pontiac's future. Parent company GM has been on the financial skids, and as a result has drafted a recovery plan that called for transforming Pontiac into a small specialty division.

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