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As the manufacturer of the best-selling Corolla, it might be hard to imagine why Toyota would feel the need to create the entry-level Scion brand. Truth be told, cars like the Corolla and Toyota Echo lacked the funky style and customizing options craved by young drivers, a void just asking to be filled by new models wearing the Scion badge.

Developed as a more youth-oriented alternative to parent company Toyota, Scion was established in 2003 and models were first made available to buyers in 2004. Sales started with the small Scion xA, a little commuter car that failed to draw the attention of its bigger and boxier brother, the Scion xB. These cars were marketed using untraditional means and were designed to attract young drivers interested in getting into small, affordable vehicles available with a host of custom features and aftermarket add-ons. The fact that they came from Toyota, a brand well-known for perceived quality and reliability, certainly didn't hurt.

Interesting but not terribly surprising, a lineup of small and fuel-efficient cars found an audience beyond its intended demographic, with empty-nesters and daily commuters listing plenty of reasons to consider the youth-oriented Scion Grilles brand. The original offerings included the handy five-door Scion xA, the boxy and unique Scion xB, and the sporty Scion tC coupe. In the years since, the rather forgettable xA has been replaced by the larger and more powerful Scion xD. The xB was a hit, as buyers took advantage of not only parts and accessories sold by Scion dealers but also those made available elsewhere. However, there was a nagging issue with both the xA and xB - a lack of horsepower. That was addressed in 2008 when the xB was redesigned, providing it with greater size and a larger engine. Those changes coincided with the launch of the xA's replacement, the Scion xD, which also offered more space and power than its predecessor. Another member of the clan, the Scion tC, has been around since 2005. This sporty coupe has been available with a decent four-cylinder engine since its debut, along with desirable features such as a huge moon roof and a booming stereo system.

When Toyota launched its new small-car brand, the idea was to limit the size of the lineup by replacing old models instead of adding to the stable, as was done with the xA/xD. Serving as an exception may be an upcoming micro car, slotting in below the Scion xD, and geared at meeting the needs of urban drivers dealing with congestion and tight parking.

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