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Like Nissan, Toyota began selling cars to American consumers roughly 50 years ago, starting with the Toyota Crown and followed by the seemingly ageless Toyota Corolla. The early 70s marked the debut of the Toyota Celica, while the 1980s ushered in popular nameplates such as the Toyota Camry, Toyota Tercel, and rear-drive sporty models like the Toyota Supra and Toyota MR2. With the exception of the Camry and Corolla, all these models have passed into the automotive afterlife, replaced over the years by vehicles such as the Toyota Matrix, the Toyota Camry Solara coupe and convertible, the thrifty Toyota Yaris, and the Buick-like Toyota Avalon sedan.

In addition to names and styles, Toyota Grilles have expanded its lineup over the years to include the popular Toyota Sienna minivan, crossovers such as the Toyota Venza, and trucks. Once known simply as the Toyota Pickup, the Toyota Tacoma has garnered tremendous respect over the past decades for its toughness and longevity. Toyota attempted to grace the larger 1993 Toyota T100 with the same characteristics, but shoppers didn't bite in big numbers, so the T100 was replaced by the even larger, V8-powered Toyota Tundra in 2000. This iteration gathered its share of fans, but with complaints about the Tundra's relatively diminutive proportions, the company's engineers and designers busted out the 2007 Tundra. Finally, Toyota's full-size pickup was comparable with the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150 in terms of size and power, actually outdoing those competitors in some respects.

That leaves one segment left to cover: SUVs. Toyota has a long history with what we've come to know as the sport utility vehicle, harking back to early days of the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Toyota FJ40. Modern interpretations of these rigs exist, though the latter is now labeled the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the former is one pricey off-road machine. They're accompanied by the long-toothed Toyota 4Runner, the Tundra-based Toyota Sequoia, and to a lesser degree, the cute but moderately capable Toyota RAV that debuted in two- and four-door varieties in 1996.

Toyota vehicles are ideal for camping and outdoor trips as they have OEM options to carry outdoor equipment. Thule racks & carriers for Toyota models meet all the demands to make the trips comfortable. If future product plans are any indication, the original Prius was only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the Prius and hybrid versions of the Camry and Highlander, Toyota is set to debut a number of new gas/electric models in the coming years, as well as an electric car named the FT-EV. Engineers also hinted at future possibilities by debuting a Toyota Camry hybrid concept car powered by compressed natural gas.

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