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It's called a different kind of car company, but it can also be considered a new kind of car company. Unlike most General Motors divisions, Saturn didn't start production until the 1990s, and it did so in Tennessee instead of typical automotive bastions like Michigan or Ohio. The first product to roll out of Spring Hill was the S Series, available in sedan form as the Saturn SL1 and Saturn SL2, and in coupe form as the Saturn SC (later renamed the Saturn SC2). A wagon version dubbed the SW2 made its debut a bit later.

During the subsequent years, the brand's limited lineup saw a number of changes, including a unique third door for the SC. The relatively large Saturn L Series made its debut in 1999, and the company's first SUV, the Saturn Vue, was showcased in 2002. At about this time, the S Series took a bow and was replaced by the Saturn Ion, available in coupe and sedan styles. The entry-level Ion was available with the company's Red Line treatment, a performance upgrade also offered in the form of the Saturn Vue Red Line and, eventually, the Saturn Sky Red Line.

That little two-seater roadster, which many would argue is a more attractive version of the Pontiac Solstice, debuted in 2007, the same year the Saturn Outlook crossover was introduced and the short-lived Saturn Relay minivan exited stage right. These were days of change for the brand, with the Saturn Aura introduced as an alternative for Honda Accord and Toyota Camry shoppers, and the Ion was dismissed to make room for the Saturn Astra. This sporty new offering was sourced from GM's European Opel division, as was the redesigned Saturn Vue that arrived in 2008.

Tennessee's homegrown automotive company has gradually expanded from what was essentially a one-car outfit to a brand represented by award-winning cars and SUVs, not to mention two relevant Saturn hybrid models (Vue hybrid and Aura hybrid). However, since GM's financial recovery plan calls for the discontinuation or selling of this young company, the face of future models remains unclear. Much has changed since that initial introduction, and as a result, Saturn Grilles have morphed into a GM division resembling others like Chevrolet and Buick, albeit one that stands on less stable legs. Original Saturn cars such as the plastic-bodied SL1 sedan and SC2 coupe carried the company for years, only to be replaced by the mediocre Saturn Ion. Later, when competitive vehicles such as the Saturn Outlook and Saturn Aura arrived, many buyers had moved on to companies delivering consistently appealing models. That's a shame, since the Saturn Sky roadster, Saturn Astra 3-Door and Astra 5-Door, and current Saturn Vue (not to mention the Outlook and Aura) represent the brand's best offerings yet. Be that as it may, in early 2009 GM announced the end of Saturn production within a few short years.

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